7 Tips to Having Insane Amounts of ENERGY!


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ENERGY — “The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.”

Sheri Barnes empowers women to have the ENERGY and VITALITY needed so they can live a healthy, happy, and productive life. ENERGY consists of the 4 areas of SLEEP, FOOD, MOOD AND EXERCISE, and Sheri will help you discover ways to improve, impact and set a plan for your health and your life. Think of your well-being as the foundation of your house. Without a strong foundation, the walls will come tumbling down. It doesn’t matter how much fame, fortune, or education you have—without your health, you have nothing. Sheri speaks about keeping your body strong and healthy—mentally and physically—so that you can better face the many challenges life throws your way. To see how Sheri can serve you and your audience, click here to visit the Speaking page, and here to visit the Coaching page.


14 Sep
09:00 am

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